Ecological bonus

The bonus/malus system has been one of the first measures taken by Abatan, in September 2008, , with the objective to come to a rapid reduction of waste and to install a way of respect for the environment of the Anderlecht slaughterhouses and market grounds.

It aims at rewarding those merchants who show respect for the environment by paying them a bonus, and to punish those who don’t by making them pay a “malus” (fine). The bonuses are being paid by the “maluses”, so it doesn’t cost Abattoir anything at all.

In practice.

In fact, all merchants having signed together with us our cleanliness charter, are involved. The others continue to pay a fixed amount for having their emplacement cleaned up, i.e. one passage by our mechanical cleaning machine for cleaning the ground, but not the picking up of waste. They are also held accountable for the respect of the same environmental rules as the other merchants.

Augmentation factors

A violation of the rules means an immediate augmentation of the “malus”

  • Example:each type of violation (e.g.: parking) supplementary cost of of 40€ = malus of 2 points
  • Minor violation (e.g.: an emplacement left uncleaned) supplementary cost of 75€ = malus of 2 points
  • Major violation (e.g. clandestine deposit) supplementary cost of 250€ = malus of 4 points 

Remarks: before applying a sanction, a warning-letter is always sent before in case of minor violations.

What do we expect from our merchants!

  • The restitution of the emplacements in an identical state of cleanliness as they were found
    (complete cleaning and sweeping).
  • Full respect of trading hours and departures
  • The stowing of the waste containers exclusively in the stall during the markets and in the vans after the markets (rear doors closed).Le stockage des poubelles uniquement dans les stands pendant les marchés et dans les camions après les marchés (hayons fermés).
  • Full respect of the emplacements borders (lined out).
  • Full respect of the parking zones during authorized periods.