Renewable energy production

Since 1ste December 2017, Abattoir is getting electricity coming from solar energy produced by panels placed on the FOODMET roof. The 312 kW-peak PV panels were installed by Green-Invest. So our first production, however small,  is a fact, despite an up-coming winter over the last couple of days.



The entire production will be “consumed” by our own corporate activities.

Green-Invest takes care of the financing, the construction and the operation of the solar panels. This company is a major player on the voltaic solar panel market. They run
-amongst other installations elsewhere- the biggest installation (3.6 MW-peak) in the Brussels Capital Region, in the vicinity of the water purifying site Brussels North.

In the months to follow, other roofs on our site will be covered with solar panels too, so that by next summer a peak capacity of 1.3 MW will be a reality.

Another small step towards a cleaner environment is set. Let the sun shine over Abattoir