Circular economy

On the Abattoir site, several companies are active that produce or process food with the main focus on circular economy and urban agriculture. They hold some important values such as short food chain, urban food, urban agriculture, nofoodwaste, healthy food, vegetarian, aquaponics and so on. Abattoir is becoming, as it were, an important Brussels hub for start-ups in the food sector, amidst the already existing meat-cutting plants, fish shops, food market and public markets. Our 4 biggest wholesalers are:

o   BIGH


o   Urban Harvest


The belly of Brussels is taking shape in Anderlecht and with the many future building projects, there are still many opportunities to encourage new initiatives to come and establish themselves here. In terms of energy flows, this can mean significant added value for the development of the site and for these companies. Moreover, the canal zone is on the rise and there are still many employment opportunities in this fragile area, including in cooperation with Actiris.

On the underlying structure you will find an overview of these companies. We invite you to browse through it. You will be amazed at what is happening here, on the roof, underground or in one of the former meat wholesalers’ cutting rooms.


Welcome to BIGH, our ambition is to create a network of sustainable aquaponic city farms in the major cities.

More and more people live in urban areas and the need for fresh and safe food is increasing every day. For cities around the world, this is a major challenge. Intensive, integrated urban agriculture systems are an opportunity to meet this need in a sustainable, innovative and effective way, an important step that complements all urban agriculture initiatives.

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Le Champignon de Bruxelles has moved into the Cureghem cellars! In other words, they are located in the Abattoirs of Anderlecht, in an underground area with beautiful pillars and vaults in red stone. The cellars are ideal for the cultivation of mushrooms. The cool and constant temperature is ideal for the deposition of delicious chiitakis, and many other champinions, as well as the production of micro greens (young cracks) in champignion.

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Urban harvest

Urban Harvest is a Brussels-based startup active in the production of aromatic herbs in their self-developed vertical farm. They grow aromatic herbs in pots rich in flavour and colour all year round in the Anderlect Abattoir in Brussels.
The production is located in a building (the former meat market) in which ideal climatic conditions are simulated according to the desired crop.

Producers optimise various parameters such as CO2, humidity, temperature etc. To increase the utilisation of each m2 , we stack production layers on top of each other. The light necessary to grow their plants comes from LED lights.

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Wastech is a young company that grows black soldier flies. Our project aims to create a circular chain within the slaughterhouses of Anderlecht by revalorizing the unsold fruit and vegetables generated by the fruit and vegetable market that takes place every week.

The larvae that we are currently breeding feed on these unsold foodstuffs and then become a very interesting substitute for animal food.

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