Slaughterhouse regulations

Just like in any company active in the food industry, rules and regulations are to be respected at Abattoir s.a. too when visiting the slaughterhouses, no matter whether you are a visitor, a supplier or a client. As a leading company in the Belgian meat industry, we do pay particular attention to quality, hygiene and food safety.

We therefore ask you to read our house regulations carefully before entering our slaughterhouses, refrigerators or carving halls. You can download them on these pages.

Should you have questions, please feel free to contact M. Eric Van Deputte, Quality Manager at Abattoir s.a.. You can call + 32 (0)475 34 80 36 or send an e-mail.

For filming or guided tours, please contact us in writing. You can therefore call +32 (0)2 521 54 19, send a fax to +32 (0)2 522 42 37 or an e-mail to It is well advised to be specific about the reason or motivation of your request.