Meritus label well-earned

Our “abattoir” is being controlled by Meritus on a regular basis, each time resulting in an excellent score. That is why we are particularly proud to place this quality label on our website.

Meritus is a quality label for meat. Meat coming from Meritus labeled  cattle is almost exclusively originating from the Belgian “WhiteBlue” race, the famous so-called “Belgian thickrump”. The Meritus code of practice does not only control very strictly the cattle breeders, but also each party intervening in the processing of the meat, such as people working in slaughterhouses and butchers cutting the meat. Slaughterhouses are being controlled by independent inspectors. They control whether the production of meat happens under the best hygienic circumstances possible and whether the meat is traceable. They want to be reassured that the meat that is being presented on the consumer’s dish is the meat coming from the animal it should be coming from, and that no mixing-up occurred during the entire process.
For more information about Meritus, please consult the following websites.