Aren't we all far more hybridised than we think?

Olivier Guilbaud is from Brussels, but has his roots in France. He is passionate about football and adores the city. He organises exhibitions practically all over Europe. To reveal what is happening behind the football scenes, or to lay down the corner-stone of the elementary fight against racism.

From 21st March till 21st June, or every beautiful day in spring, he occupies with his team one of the most symbolic places in “Brussels-the-halfbreed”: the Anderlecht slaughterhouses (abattoirs). He exhibits photographs, with lots of data explaining that the world is inevitably in mutation.

Codename: MIXTUS

Mixtus logo
Mixtus wants us to remember that our kitchen will continue to produce rich flavours, that curry, originally from the Indies, has become a typical English dish. Ketchup, to be found all over the globe, originally was a Chinese sauce called Ke Tsjap. Who does not know that pizza is originating from Napels, or else that sugar cane was first used in Guinea? Potatoes were first grown in the Andes, whereas the aubergine (egg-plant) has mixed roots from the Near East and North Africa.

 The list is quite long and the many figures that go wit hit and which we use every day are … Arabic.

 Olivier Mouton