Nuisance caused by works

In September, we will start sewerage works on our site. Rainwater coming from the Manufakture must be drained directly into the canal. This will cause significant inconvenience. Part of the site and the public road will have to be excavated to install a rainwater collector. This will cause some inconvenience near the entrance and exit at the Quai de l'Industrie n°168. The works are expected to take around eight weeks. We will provide more detailed information once the final diversion plan has been officially approved. Meanwhile, we have already carried out preventive works at the Delacroix Parking. The green plantings have been tackled and partially removed. A section of the Delacroix car park has since been excavated to make a connection at street level. This will be necessary to allow an entrance and exit for trucks once the major works start. Gates and barriers will still be installed over the next few weeks so that we are ready in September when the major works begin.