In November 2013, the construction works for the new food hall were started up by the construction company Jacques Delens and the architects ORG. On 7th of November 2013, a traditional 'first stone' ceremony has been held in presence of the Major of Anderlecht, Mister Eric Tomas and the Minister in the Government of the Brussels Region, Miss Evelyne Huytebroeck. In fact, we decided not to proceed with a a first stone tradition, but we have planted a cherry-tree instead. On 29 May 2015, the new hall will be opened for the visitors. And it has a name of course : the FOODMET, your favourite Food Market !

This shopping area will give shelter to 45 stores that will sell food and only food. The entire area is on ground level and its roof will be used for installing an  'Urban Farm' with small gardens and greenhouses for growing vegetables and herbs.

This project was made possible thanks to EFRO-FEDER subsidies 2007-2013, the objective of which was to offer permanent shelter to some of the market traders. Our markets will continue though, but our operations will be extended with a permanent “residence” under a roof, with all facilities such as fridges, sanitary installations, telecom facilities, etc. The shops will sell fruit and vegetables as well as meat. At present, the meat market is opened on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but some of the butchers will move into the new food hall. These butcher’s shops will permanently be opened from Friday till Sunday, between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. just like the other shops. Rather than investing in the existing meat market, the members of the Abattoir board preferred building a completely new hall and move the butchers into the new facility.

The Masterplan made it quite clear and obvious to use the open space near the Fresh Market and the chaussée de Mons for putting down the food hall, with the Clemenceau metro nearby (see left picture).

In total, the hall will cover 9,200 sq. metres. In order to avoid expensive  decontamination works, it was decided to choose for the first project, for which a building permet had been delivered and which was limited to only one level. The investment mounts up to 15.5 million euro, of which 7.5 million are subsidies coming from EFRO-FEDER and Greenfields.

The fruit and vegetable stores will occupy 2,600 sq. metres, the butcher’s shops 2,737 sq. metres. Next to vegetables, fruit and meat, other food products will be sold too, such as olives, tapenades, cheese, caterer’s meals, etc. These outlets will be spread over the remaining 3,336 sq. metres.

Alongside the food hall extra shopping facilities will be built with a total surface of 592 sq.m. Those too are meant for traders selling food products. On top of these stores appartments are going to be built. The works will probably start by the end of 2016. In the meanwhile, from 29 May 2015 on, the FOODMET will be operational.