YES, our markets are OPEN again !

From this Thursday, 28 of May, we will be able to open again our outdoor market. Visitors are welcome between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. from Thursday till Sunday. You'll find a wide choice of fruit, vegetables, cloths, shoes, plants and flowers, herbs, cheese, olive... under the roof of the covered market. Attention, please respect the one-way circuit and wearing a mask will be obligatory. The FOODMET will also be opened and offers a qualitative selection of fresh fish and meat, amongst other foodproducts. Don't consider your visit to the market as 'pleasure'. Please come alone (not with family or in group). And keep distance of course. Read more...

We are so happy to reopen our outdoor markets after some months of closing period due to Covid-19. This is good news for all our itinerant salesmen, but also for the merchants of the FOODMET. The outdoor market is a real crowd puller.

The organisation of the market will change slightly. Entrances and exits will be different then usualy. You can enter by the Chaussée de Mons (Métro Clémenceau), or from the other side of the company site (Parking and Metro Delacroix, Jules Ruhl Street). You will have to choose the entrance to one of the two buildings: Foodmet or Covered Market. It's always possible to leave this place and go to the other building in respect of the queues of course ! Both buildings will be completely seperated from eachother.

We ask once more to respect the safety distance and one-way circuit of the market, and don't forget : it's OBLIGATORY to wear a MASK (for visitors aswel as for the salesmen).

The acces to both places is limited to a certain number of visitors, so queues may be necessary sometimes. Stay calm and be patience. Don't forget that the risk of contamination isn't over yet.

We thank you all, clients, salesmen and staff of Abattoir to make this happen in a perfect and safe way !