Urban Farm opening. The count down has begun

If one were to visit the FOODMET roof today, one would have to admit that considerable progress has been made. With no less than 4000 square meters of roof surface, we can without boasting call this one of the largest roof gardens in Europe. And quite an exceptional one too, because fish is being cultivated in large greenhouses. BIGH Anderlecht, our tenant exploiting this “farm” will officially open these installation end of April. Of course, we will be coming back on this more elaborately in due course. In the meantime we bring you some pictures of the preparatory works of the open air garden (partly exploited by “Atelier Groot Eiland” as well) and the terrace of the roof restaurant.

The Ghent-based company CANOPY kindly invites to have a look at their photo-reporting on works-in progress. We hope to show you additional spectacular photo material in the weeks to come.

Click here to watch all of CANOPY’s pictures.