Start preparatory works MANUFAKTURE

On Wednesday 15 June, preparations for the construction of the MANUFAKTURE started. The contractor CIT-BLATON has put up the fencing to demarcate his site zone (see yellow zone on the plan below). Thanks to the cooperation of our neighbours RENAULT and ERASMUSHOGESCHOOL it will be possible to stock part of the site materials outside our site. This will allow us to keep a lot of parking space free, which is more than necessary given the success of the markets. The first phase of the works mainly consisted of the demolition of old buildings. Our technical workshop has also moved and is now located in the building opposite. In August, after the building holiday, the ground and foundation work will start. Those who wish to use the disinfection and car-wash facilities must now drive through the tunnel (marked on the plan with red arrows).

The ground floor level provides workshops for productive food activities. The higher floors will have a car park and the roof is still intended as a public swimming pool. With this we are starting, with the support of the ERDF (Europe and the Brussels Capital Region), a second part of our Master Plan, with a view to the further reconversion of this site. The BAUKUNST agency will design the architecture of the building. The works will be completed in early 2024.