Plastic bags policy more strict as of January 2019

On 1st September 2018, the Brussels Capital Region took a second step in reducing the use of plastic bags. Stocks could be liquidated till January 2019, so this is now drawing to an end! In view of this, Abattoir is asking all its traders to abide by the new legislation. This means that only plastic bags of more than 50 micron will be tolerated. Till february 2020, biobased bags will be allowed for goods such as fruit, vegetables and liquid/moist products (on the condition that the bags contain a minimum of 40% of biobased substance)...

Our customers too are requested to take these measures into strict consideration and to bring along re-usable shopping-bags, e.g. in clean cotton, or shopping trollies carrying bags for multiple use. The ban is a conversion of a European measure. It aims at a further reduction of waste and the protection of our environment. In 2017 already, the Brussels Region had decided to forbid the distribution of plastic bags for single use. Abattoir set an example by being the fist Brussels marketplace to apply such a ban, way before it found common practice on the rest of the regional territory.
More information on this legislation can be found on the following website :