Photovoltaic plants on our roofs

Helexia Belgium is proud to announce that they have built and financed a photovoltaic power plant on the roofs of our slaugterhouse, with a capacity of 1,17 kWp. Since juin 2018, Helexia installed nearly 3 591 solar panels providing green energy on our site (using solar panels of type LG Electronics with 325 Wp power and a Huawei Technologies inverter). Yet in 2017, another power plant was launched on our company site, on the roof of our FOODMET. The company Green-Invest installed another 930 solar pannels with a total power of 312 kWp. We arrive nowadays at a total of 4.500 solar pannels operating on our site, which places Abattoir amongst one of the most important power plants for green energy in the Brussels Region. In 2019, approximately 20% of the electric consumption by ABATTOIR SA has been produced by those two power plants.