"My favourite market" shopping-bag

We have recently started selling re-usable shopping-bags and cotton net bags. They offer an alternative for the plastic bags which will soon disappear. Our strategy is to gradually introduce the ban in due respect of our traders' interest. At a second stage and if necessary, our intervention will be repressive. The fruit and vegetable traders were the only ones left not to be touched by the ban so far, but as of this month this will change and become effective on our Friday market. As of 1 November, the ban will also prevail on our Saturday market. As of the 1st of January 2017, plastic bags will no longer be tolerated on all our markets...

That's why we have set up an infostand on Friday 9 September, where we sold our re-usable shopping-bags and cotton net bags for € 1,00 each. Our traders too can buy them in boxes of 100 pieces. Our campaign was very successful and our presence at the Friday market dis not pass unnoticed!

Collectmet, led by Jacky, added to this success by distributing soup for free and other "yummy's" amongst our visitors (with thanks to Cultureghem for letting us make use of their cook cart). All those who bought a re-usable bag or net received some free fruit as token of acknowledgement. It was Mohamed Ibrir who came upon this excellent idea to refresh the minds of customers and traders alike about the plastic waste issue. And believe us, the overall reactions were absolutely positive! Many clients reacted enthusiastically to this initiative. In Morocco this ban exists already for quite a while. So why should the biggest market of Belgium leg behind?

The infostand can be found during the entire month of September on Fridays near entrance number 1 of The Cellars. As of October we are also present on the Saturday market. As of 1st of January next year, plastic bags will finally be banned completely. Exceptions will still be made for fish and meat.