The market stays opened without BROCANTE

Since Monday 19th of October, the Belgian Government took a serie of new measures to fight the covid-19 pandemie. Thankfully, our markets can stay opened but without brocante (flea-market). We recommend to come on Friday or Saturday! On Sundays, it's always very crowdy. The FOODMET, our foodhall, is also opened. You can go there to buy fresh meat and fish, vegetables, fruits, cheese, bakeries, nuts,... Some of the snacks are still opened for 'take-away only'. The terraces remain closed and foodtrucks are not allowed on the market. It is forbidden to consume food or drinks on the markets. Please respect the rules: wear a mouth mask, keep a good distance from other people, clean and disinfect your hands frequently and organize your visit in a fast and efficient way. We ask to come alone or accompanied by maximum one person of the family. This procedure gives us the best chances to go on with the organization of our markets !