Ketmet kick-off big success!

The Barattoir and Ketmet openers were a huge success. More than 300 kids showed up under the shelter of our covered market place to live some fantastic moments together. Many thanks to our Cultrureghem partners who worked themselves to the bone to turn our market hall into a huge playing ground/attraction park, a “free-entrance-one”, for sure! Never heard of “Playboxes”? No kidding! Then you surely must come and have a look, with or without your children.

The Barattoir cooks were outstanding too and served nice and healthy food, almost for free so to speak. Places at the long tables had te be fought for (not to be taken litterally of course). From now on this event is a weekly one; playtime every Wednesday afternoon, having lunch at Abattoir’s Ketmet, open for everybody. “Cultivating Urban Space!” as Cultureghem calls it.

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