Harley Davidson reunion at recent Boeremet

At the Boeremet of last Thursday, 21st June, some 5 to 6 Harley Davidson motorcycle clubs joined at our Boeremet for the so-called "skieve apéro"!
A moment that was not missed by the many fans of this famous motorcycle brand that were present for this exceptional occasion.

A legendary brand on our equally remarkable site

Aperitif time on a Harley at our last Boeremet 

The Skievelat aperitif at our Boeremet are getting all the more popular and are  becoming a tradition amongst people that like healthy food in combination with a chat with the friends while enjoying a nice glass of Cava or other sparkling refreshment.

Last Thursday, there was quite some extra activity with the presence of some five to six Harley Davidson motorcycle clubs.

The snapshots of this particular event can be viewed or downloaded on http://www.myblueclic.com/boeremet.zip

In case you might have an original idea too for organizing a spêcial event on our site during one of our next Boeremet, just get in touch with stephanie.leskens@abatan.be