FOODMET welcomes new store: BELMARES srl

Since last Friday, FOODMET welcomes a new shop inside this Foodmarket. BELMARES srl opened a store with garlic and derived products, citrus fruit, fresh vegetables, olive oil, marinated sardines... The interior has been duly worked out (nice atmoshpere) and the selected products for sale are very high quality. The very sympatic manager of this store, M. Abdelah Kharbach (on the right on the picture), is very proud and hopes to welcome you in the next days. You'll find BELMARES at shop n° G04 inside the FOODMET, just in front of the bistro.

FOODMET is opened every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, between 7 A.M. and 2 P.M. We recommend to do your shopping on Friday or Saturday, because the Sunday market is very much visited with unavoidable queues.