On 17 November, Portugal hosted the finals of REGIOSTARS AWARDS, an EU (Europe in my Region) organisation. In 2016, our FOODMET was selected for these Awards. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, all participating ERDF projects of the past years were again put in competition with each other. FOODMET was there but did not emerge as the winner. This honour went to the "Citadella" restoration project on the Maltese island of Gozo. Nevertheless, our food hall enjoys quite some international prestige, because of its modern building concept and thanks to the urban farm set up on the FOODMET roof. Our CEO, Elke Tiebout, was allowed on stage with all the other laureates, where they were honoured by European Commissioner Elisa Ferreira. Read more...

FOODMET would also like to congratulate :

  • all the traders who make Foodmet bustle with life and food every weekend
  • the Abattoir staff who keep everything running smoothly every weekend
  • ORG Permanent Modernity, the architect of this magnificent building
  • Project Manager and architect Jo Huygh, who coordinated it. merci also to the company in Evora
  • BIGH and Atelier Groot Eiland, the urban farmers who complete the circular story

Watch the video made about our FOODMET here !