ECLO produces micro-vegetables at Abattoir’s

In the Abattoir cellars not just mushrooms are grown. Only recently micro-vegetables were added as an extra activity. In fact, a micro-vegetable is merely a tiny version of a “normal” vegetable like radishes, broccoli, red cabbage, mustard, sunflower, rucola … They are often compared to germ vegetables with such a difference that the seed is not eaten but stays in the substrate. Placed under LED-lamps they grow as nowhere else, enjoying the warmth and the CO2 that comes free during the first weeks of  the mushrooms’ growth.

So from now on the Abattoir site hides two producers of microgreens or micro-vegetables: BIGH in the greenhouses on the FOODMET’s roof, and ECLO in our cellars nexto the mushroom-growing company “Le Champignon de Bruxelles”. By eating them in the very first phase of their growth, they contain a very high concentration of tastes, colours and nutriments! Top-chefs are loving them, not only for decorating their dishes but also for their specific flavour.

During the last couple of months, M. Quentin Declerck, founder of ECLO, has worked himself into the mushroom growing activity in view of solidly increasing his micro vegetables production. Coïncidence or not, but our cellars do offer lots of space.

More information on ECLO is to be found on their website