Attention, road works not finished before 12 March!

Attention, due to road works the Abattoir site is only accessible via the Quai de L'Industrie 168 for lorries, and moreover only via the Jules Ruhlstraat. See attached plan. Please follow the red arrows and drive to the housenumber 168, Quai de L'Industrie, near the canal. The streets in yellow are closed. You may ignore the prohibition signs at the entrance to the Jules Ruhlstraat in order to reach our site. Avoid the main entrance with the classified bulls statues in the Ropsy Chaudronstraat n° 24. It is not suitable for lorries and the crossroad is particularly busy and dangerous. We currently have no information on how long this roadblock will last but it will probably be more than one week. Click on the photo to enlarge the plan... ⚠