Abatan honoured guest at “Terre Urbaine”

Our slaughterhouses are known to be the only ones to be located in a densely populated city centre. At the Télé Bruxelles TV studio, this phenomenon was considered remarkable enough to come and pay us a visit.

Reporting from "The Belly of Brussels"

terre urbaine

A slaughterhouse in the very heart, or should we say the very belly of the capital of Europe, that really is out of the ordinary. And this uniqueness is there to stay, albeit in a reduced size.
We have already touched upon this aspect elsewhere on our website (check "A good conversation with"). In this quite interesting documentary film made by Télé Bruxelles, followed by an even interesting interview, the history as well as the quite promising future of this city zone are being commented upon. Unfortunately, there are no subtitles. Sorry for that.
Watch the film on  “Terre urbaine”.