Residing at Abattoir

The Abattoir Masterplan foresees in the (re-) organization of the economic and socio-cultural activities on the Abattoir site. Still, the residential function has been taken into account as well, albeit to a lesser extent. From an urbanistic point of view, the residential area will be situated to the side of the chaussée de Mons, the area towards the canal being less appropriate for such a function.

Abattoir is planning to build new apartments and studentrooms by 2022/2023. They will come next to the chaussée de Mons, right opposite the Clémenceau metro station. The groundlevel is completely reserved to install new stores (the higher levels are reserved for housing function). Thus, it will create a natural transition between the FOODMET, our food hall, and the existing houses all along the chaussée de Mons.

A building permit for executing these works has been delivered last January 2013 but the project has faced a huge delay. A new demand for permit will be introduced in 2020. The total surface for the appartments mounts up to 2,860 sq. metres, spread over a couple of levels on top of the ground surface shopping area of 600 sq. metres.