Sunday 21 April : Heritage Day "Stop the Time""

On Sunday 21 April, the Flemish and Brussels communities organize the thirteenth edition of the so-called "Erfgoeddag" (Heretage Day). Along with this event, Cureghem presents DigiMe DigiYOU - a story-telling happening on and about the Anderlecht Abattoir.

From 10 to 14.00 hrs you are kindly invited to come to entrance number 1 of the Cellars and discover the stories that youngsters brought together. You will learn about the history of Abattoir by listening to the true stories told by pêople who work here.
The "Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie" (Flemish Community commission) has always been concerned about the Brussels Heritage. In 2003 it succeeded for the first time to agree on a "heritage convention" together with the Flemish Community. In this convention it was agreed that the Flemish Community commission together with the Flemish Community would work out a heritage policy for the moving and non-material heritage inside the Brussels capital region.
The Brussels Heritage cell is responsible for the execution of this convention by making this heritage better known to the public and by creating more room for concensus. Networking and collaboration are key for making this Brussels Heritage cell work properly.
With the "Stop the time" concept, the Brussels Heritage sector and guides associations have done their very best to bring a renewing and surprising content through all sorts of demo's of restauration techniques, danse, film and theatrical performances, evocations and "time strolls".
This Heritage Day's concept also fits well together with the idea of combining Brussels with heritage and silence. Surprise and slow-motion are brought in a confronting contrast to today's hastiness and time pressure.
"Gestolde tijd" (Time set still) is a publication of Brussels reflections in combination with a bycicle route to put those reflections into practice right away.

On the occasion of the Heritage Day, the Brussels Heritage Cell is organizing a photo contest. All practical information can be found on their facebookpage


The programme for Brussels is to be found back on, in Dutch and French only (sorry for that). A free hard copy is available at the Brussels Heritage Cell, at all participating heritage organizations, Visit Brussels, Visit Flanders, cultural houses, libraries and "Muntpunt". The programme is also published in the weekly gazette "Brussel Deze Week" – edition 11 April.

The Heritage day is on Sunday 21 April 2013, from 10 till 18 hours. All activities are for free. The programme can be downloaded here.