Police and social inspection in rue Ropsy Chaudron

The police and people from the social inspection recently swept through the rue Ropsy Chaudron in search for illegal economic activity in the small shops situated all along the street where our markets and slaughterhouses are situated too. 

Eleven people were "administratively" arrested, among which no one from our company or organization, as was previously insinuated in the press. Nobody working in the abattoir or no meat wholesaler was involved. 

About a month and a half ago, on Thursday 5th October, it was insinuated that some 150 Rumanian women were systematically being exploited on the Abattoir's site. These accusations were proven to be false for as far as our activities were concerned, i.e. the slaughter of animals and the trading of meat within the walls of our company.

It may be clear to all, that Abattoir s.a. is not against these controls, on the contrary. They help clearing the streets from individuals that illegally sell products on the sidewalks and by doing so spread the feeling of insecurity. 

Abattoir s.a. has asked all traders working on our market grounds to be particularly attentive to all administrative regulations that apply to their activity and the people working for or with them. 

We specifically ask the press to stop illustrating their articles commenting upon these controls on illegal activity with pictures of filmed reports previously taken inside our premises for completely different, truly commercial purposes.

Abattoir, a place where people meet and greet, is situated in the very centre of Brussels, the capital of Europe, with all aspects related to such a status.