Delicious Duroc d'Olives pork now available at "Abattoir"

Worldwide, the Duroc race is praised for its juiciness and tenderness, qualities acclaimed unanimously by all. The reason for this is because the intramuscular percentage of fat is higher than with other races. 

The daily fodder given to Duroc d’Olives pigs is resulting in a product with a better taste, more tender and healthier for the consumer. 

Unanimously praised by connoisseurs

Only pure products such as wheat, barley, corn and soya are being used. Extra fat is added by using olive oil, praised throughout the medical world for its healthy fatty acid composition thanks to a high percentage of oleic acid.

Duroc d' Olives; the best pork for all your preparations

Research done in cooperation with the Ghent university resulted in maximizing the oleic acid concentration in the intramuscular and subcutane fat. Finally, the well-balanced fodder also results in a longer shelf-life of this particular pork. All these qualities make this Duroc d’Olives pork an excellent product for fresh consumption as well as for all kinds of cooked  and other preparations.

The Duroc d’Olives pigs are bred in respect of a number of regulations controlling their production. Some of the most important parameters are the fodder’s composition, the race’s selection, traceability, biosafety, health management and animal welfare. 

Blind tastings have already convinced several chefs and butchers of the Duroc d’Olives pork quality. You can try out some of their recepies for yourself. 

More information on this new suplier is to be found on duroc d'olives.