Goatmeat. An underrated product!

Belgian cuisine and goatmeat are not really what one could call a good match. “Goat meat tastes too strong, is tough and therefore not liked!”; prejudices that are easy to overcome though, because goatmeal is tasteful and contains little fat.

While nanny-goats lead a reasonably pleasant life, billy-goats are less lucky. Most of the time they are being transported to distant countries, e.g. Africa or the South of Europe, where goatmeat is often on the menu in many restaurants. Ever tasted a goatmeat stew? Simply delicious!

As private person, you can find your pick at the weekly public market, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



If you are a professional buyer, the following wholesalers are at your service :

  • KESTEMONT (2.06-2.07)

Donderstraat 25
1750 Gaasbeek
T: 02 532 55 88
M: 0477 69 55 98